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General Applications are Currently CLOSED for the Paleto Bay Police Department

Minimum standards to be accepted for an interview:

- Put effort into your application answers and be truthful, be sure to copy the below format and fill in ALL sections properly and also please wait until you've been on the server playing for at least a week before applying. Failure to follow either may result in a waiting period of up to a month before reapplying.

- There is a waiting period after submitting your application so we can observe your interactions with other players on the server. Not everyone will be accepted into the PBPD but do not get discouraged. In the future, we will have other opportunities for players with the police itch!

- Applications are routinely reviewed by PBPD Command so please be patient, and do not contact staff regarding the status of your application. Failure to follow this request may result in the denial of your application.

- The PBPD Cadet Training Program is currently limited to 10 cadets at a time. Applications from returning officers who do not require a complete Cadet Training program before returning to duty (at the discretion of PBPD Command) are exempt from this exception.

- Failure to follow ALL instruction as they are laid out will result in denial of your application

- Must have submitted and received approval for server whitelisting

Cadet Process after Interview

- Have to read the SOP and Ticketing guide after the interview.

- During this period of time you are required to attend one of the academies.

- Once the academy has been completed you will be entered into an FTO stage where you will receive further training and be supervised and evaluated by Training Officers on the field.

- Must complete the cadet period within thirty days from being hired. Failure to do so will result in removal from the SAPS.


There is an OOC section and IC section to this application so pay attention!


Thread Title: General Application - (UserID) - Name

Your discord username (mine for example - Lumet#4092):

UserID (This is the number over your head/next to your chat messages):

Player ID (steamID64 from here)

Have you previously applied to the PBPD? (link your previous application(s)):

Have you ever been banned? (list for what type of bans):

How old are you?:

Are you whitelisted in the server?:

How much RP experience do you have? (Time played on other RP servers):

Additional comments?:



What is your name?:

Why do you want to join the San Andreas Park Services?:

What value can you bring as a Ranger?:

Describe your biggest weakness?:

Tell us about yourself:

What is your education level?

What is your citizenship status?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

What motivates you?

Do you have any prior experience as a law enforcement officer?: