Discord & FiveM Server Rules!!

Introductions & Rules!
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| Global Rules |

- In-Game Chat
Do not cause issues in the chat. Be respectful to others and staff members. The use of racist, sexist, or any offensive remarks will result in a ban from the in-game network. We ask that English is the primary language used in the chat. Promoting other communities will result in a permanent ban.

- Threats
Threats about DDosing or Doxing, attacks, personal details, or private pictures without prior consent of the user will result in a permanent ban.

- Impersonation
The act of impersonation of another member or staff member will result in a permanent ban.

- Spam and Unnecessary Characters
Spamming a chat or a chat in the server or on the discord is not allowed and will result in a strike / permanent ban.

- Racism
Racial slurs will not be tolerated at all. Saying or typing these will automatically result in a permanent ban.

| Server Rules |

- Do not create drama or major arguments.
- No trolling, cop baiting, or any troll menus.
- Do not FailRP, VDM, or RDM.
- Do not FearRP (if someone has a weapon at you, don't pull another one and attack them. Value life).
-NLR - New Life Rule. If you are declared dead you cannot return to the situation you were involved in, nor can you partake in it for 15 minutes.
-Value of your Own Life - At all times you must value your life as if it was your last. If you're at a clear disadvantage, for example, a gun pointed to the back of your head whilst you're looking the other direction, you must comply with their demands. If you are outnumbered you must comply.
- No spamming vehicles or props.
- No Godmode.
- No unrealistic driving/scenarios.
- The excessive use of speedboost and torque boost is not permitted. (Staff will judge whether it is excessive)
- Keep realism in mind at all times.
- Try to avoid speaking out-of-character.
- No hitman, rape, or sexual roleplay allowed.
- No teleporting or no clipping to others unless given prior permission and only if said person is not at a scenario (staff members are exempt).
- No racial/religious/discrimination in or out of roleplay.
- Do not leak any personal information.
- No meta-gaming (using out-of-character information to an advantage in character).
- Keep combat realistic Exp. Combat rolling, rng tactics (zig zagging back and forth while shooting) ext.
- Aviation is not permitted without permission or Avation Certifications.
- Keep pursuits realistic during bad weather. For example, driving 90+ in a sports car with snow on the ground or in a thunder storm.
- Server Green Zones ( All PD's / Hospitals ) Failure to follow Green Zones will be result in a kick / ban. (edited)
[6:18 PM]
- Hitman RP is not Allowed.
- Animal RP or NSFW RP is not allowed.
- Saving Vehicles as in PD Vehicles / Fire Vehicles / Civilian Vehicles That Are Private To A Member Or Department Is Not Allowed.
- If you're in a department you are required to link your discord to your FiveM account.
- A functioning microphone is required to play.
- Don't do anything you wouldn't do in real life ( Example: If a friend is in a 10-80 don't start ramming PD, and going to save a friend that did some dumb shit, Unless you know for a fact you can't get away )
- Shooting out of vehicles going 80+ is not realistic.

| Discord Rules |

- No advertising other Discords or FiveM servers.
- Do not promote any rule breaking.
- Respect all other members and staff.
- No racial slurs or spamming.
- Do not create drama or a major argument.
- Do not impersonate any staff members or members with a nickname.
- Speak in English in the text channels and voice channels.
- Do not tag (@) founders or Devs. Follow the staff chain of command for an issue unless it is urgent..
- Staff members have the final say in any situations (not including department issues).
- No NSFW content! Includes links and pictures of gore, racism, sexism, or violence.
- Do not scream or play annoying songs or sounds in voice channels.
- Do not self promote any social media or discord servers unless authorized.
- Threats of suicide or self-harm are not allowed. If the threat to ones own life seems legit, it will be reported to the proper authorities.
- Threats of death or harm to others is not allowed.
- Follow our chain of command!
- Be ethical and use common sense.
- No bring drama or arguments in public chat or voice chat. Keep it in private!!
- No yelling or being disrespectful towards ANY staff or founders. Doing so will result in automatic kick and/or ban from both server and/or discord
- Member Harassment Is A Instant Ban.

These are subject to change at any time for any reason without warning.